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Hot Latin Salsa dancing has become the premier choice of dance fitness and dance enjoyment for people around the world. This due to the non-stop, steady and upbeat tempo of these unique and feisty dance movements. Salsa Dance Courses Montreal Lasalle are getting people out of their chairs and on their feet. Who knew exercise could and dance lessons be so fun? Beginners need not be intimidated in the process of learning the variety of Latin dances; Hot Latin Salsa Dance School in Montreal, LaSalle Courses and Rive-Sud Bachata Lessons offer a helpful and affordable array of options for people of all dance levels, from beginners to intermediate to advance……

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We have created a page filled with testimonials from current and previous dance students. We encourage each of our readers and anyone who is considering taking dance lessons to browse through the engaging and beautiful stories told by our students! Ranging in age, location and gender. These incredible people have shared their personal triumphs, joys, and inspirations with us. Great memories that they have gained through taking Hot Latin Salsa Dance Courses Montreal, LaSalle Classes and Rive-Sud Bachata Lessons.

Private and Group Dance Lessons & Latin rhythms nearby Affordable Hot Latin Salsa Dance Courses Montreal, LaSalle Classes, Rive-Sud Bachata Lessons & Dance-fitness.

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Hot Latin Salsa Online Education offers learning dance tools. These tools are aimed to empower students to learn to dance online. 

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Hot Latin Salsa your Dance School of Latin rhythms nearby welcomes you to Salsa Articles – The Salsa Magazine.

We encourage you to browse through the various informative articles. We hope they will inform and inspire you. People sign up to take salsa and other forms of Latin dancing lessons for many different reasons.
No matter which reason led you to us, we encourage you to read through the helpful hot-salsa-articles and to discover a wealth of information. These topics will help you begin your journey with dancing.

Know that there is an added advantage to learning to salsa dance.  Dancing is actually the most natural form of exercise around. It is also a lot of fun. The continual movement of the salsa dance steadily burns calories and  tones the body at the same time. The Salsa Magazine will show it all to you.

Read about Salsa dance and music. This all came to the world from New York via Cuba. The Afro-Caribbean & Latin cultural mix has given us a very distinctive music and dance form. The frenetic pace of salsa dancing doesn’t leave any room for hesitation. Confidence in your every move is really essential if you are to get the most out of your dancing.

Hot Latin Salsa Dance Courses Montreal, LaSalle Classes
teach students to move rhythmically to Latin music, following a set sequence of steps.

Learning how to salsa dance can be a very rewarding experience: Both mentally and physically. It builds confidence and fitness. So, What is the best way to learn to salsa dance? In this era of information and easy access to the Internet you have it all at your fingertips 24/7. You can search on the net for local salsa for beginners or Latin dance classes in your area, free on-line salsa lessons for beginners or invest in how to salsa dance DVDs that are available right here on the Hot Latin Salsa Website.

Salsa! That sizzling hot dance certainly caught your attention. Like other Latin dances, its hip motion and sensual bodily movements are simply an attraction. The dance itself is a reflection of its literal meaning. The word “salsa” is Spanish for sauce. Like sauce which is a mixture of many ingredients and which comes in many kinds, the Salsa dance is also a fusion of many musical influences that are African and European in origin. Its many styles can be attributed to how it is developed in many places. In this sense, the modern salsa can be categorized as New York, Cubano or Casino, Los Angeles, Cumbia or Cali, etc. based on its place of development. However, credit goes to Puerto Rico and Cuba who both claim to start this particular dance fever.

One of the main reasons for this outcome is the social aspect. Meeting up with like minded people who want to indulge in this dynamic form of exercise is fantastic. Going to a dance hall where all of the people there without exception, are there because they want to dance and are indeed happy to dance with you. It’s guaranteed!.

What is Latin Dance?

Latin dance includes different forms of dancing like Cha-cha-cha, Rumba, Samba, Salsa, Mambo, Danza, Merengue, Tumba, Bachata, Bomba, Plena, Paso Doble and Bolero which originate from Latin America, Puerto Rico and Cuba. When you are learning Latin dance, you are training your body to co-ordinate the movements of various parts of your body.

There are different styles of salsa in different parts of the world. Three of the most popular styles are: Cuban style, Puerto Rican style and Colombian style. However there are not sharp differences among the styles. A dancer who knows one style can easily dance in other styles because the basic steps and figures are almost the same.


Salsa dance has the measurement of 8 equivalent time units. In two piece of these units, namely 4 and 8, the dancers stop and do not make any moves.Therefore 4 and 8 are not counted; (1,2,3, stop, 5,6,7,stop). During the other six time units, it is necessary to step back and forth in each unit.

The beginner dancer learn the basic steps first and then the combination figures. It requires the ability to carry out complex figures with the feet and it is vital to have steps according to the rhythm of the music. Therefore, students are taught primarily to catch the rhythm of the music.

If you want to become a well rounded Salsero or Salsera, it is important to have an understanding of all Latin dance and music. We will be exploring a few of the prominent dances today and examine why they are beneficial for your salsa skills, moves, and techniques. Hot Latin Salsa Dance School focuses on the social style Latin Dances. This differs compared to Ballroom Latin Dance which consists of five specific styles: rumba, samba, paso doble, cha-cha-cha, and jive.

Check out our dance lessons for adults in Brossard Rive-Sud. The Latino dance courses given at ville Salsa LaSalle as well as free dance classes salsaisla given at Verdun and Salsa Chambly Cours Danse. Find your dance classes and Latin rhythms nearby at affordable cost.  The most popular courses are Rive-Sud Bachata Lessons.  These are local dance classes offered by: Hot Latin Salsa Dance Courses Montreal, LaSalle Classes. 


Create your free account now. Get immediate access to 100s of online courses. Learn to dance: Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Cha-cha on just a click.


Create your free account now. Get immediate access to 100s of online courses. Learn to dance: Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Cha-cha on just a click