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Three Things Every Dancer Needs

Becoming a dancer, whether for entertainment or as a profession, is a fun and exciting journey that can develop the mind and the body and boost confidence and grace.  Implementing the necessary steps that every dancer needs to take to reach his or her full potential is a must in order to get the most enjoyment and benefit out of dancing.  Are you incorporating into your life the three things that every dancer needs?

Become Familiar with As Much Music as Possible

Achieving musicality means to become accustomed to tones, rhythms, and movements associated with the beat and tempo of music.  Growing accustomed and familiar to these beats and tones will increase your awareness and advance your ability to dance to a variety of music.  The more music you listen to, especially within the realm of the type of dance you are performing, the more your body will naturally adjust to the harmony and flow of the music.  This adjustment will produce a smoother style of dancing along with a natural and more rhythmic dancing that will appear and feel more graceful and effortless.
This is an easy and enjoyable part of learning to dance which can be incorporated with ease throughout your daily activities.  While driving in the car, washing dishes, or raking leaves, listening to a variety of songs will instill a familiarity to an array of rhythms and styles of music and your body will respond automatically to the music.  The more this is incorporated into your daily activities, the more your body will align itself to the movements of the beat and tempos.

Prepare Your Body for Dancing

When it comes to preparing your body for dancing, this is an ongoing journey that will invigorate and stimulate your body.  While you are incorporating listening to an assortment of music styles in your daily routine, take the time to practice isolating different parts of your body.  Mastering the skill of moving your shoulders, neck, torso, hips, and rib cage in separate, fluid movements is accomplished through small sessions of daily practices.  Over time, you will be able to move fluidly and effortlessly and be able to isolate different areas of your body as you move and dance. 
Learning to isolate different limbs and regions of your body, such as hips and shoulders, will build muscle tone and control and will advance your ability to master the specific steps and moves that different dances require.  As a result of practicing isolating these body movements, when you do dance, you will look and feel more graceful, effortless and confident while on the dance floor.  The more successful you are at something, the more you enjoy it.  This applies to dancing as it does to any area of life.
In addition to learning these movements, it is also vital to condition and tone your body.  Engaging in cardio workouts and fitness courses will give your body the endurance and toning it needs to be able to dance the night away without feeling overburdened physically.  Dancing is a hobby, profession, and a sport, and can simply be a way to mingle and be social with friends.  To receive the maximum benefit out of your pursuit of dancing, putting your body through vigorous workouts will not only increase your health and fitness level, but it will also increase your ability to dance.
Taking dance lessons at a local professional dance studio and following along with DVD dance classes while also pursuing a fitness routine is an ideal combination that will prepare your body exceptionally for dancing and learning to master specific footwork, turn-patterns and choreography.

Have Fun and Practice

Put your knowledge and work into practice by dancing as often as possible.  It can be a creative and fun process to make up your own choreography with a group of friends.  Going out to dancing clubs and moving the night away will allow you to enjoy what you have learned.  The more experience you get from practicing, the more dancing will benefit your mind and body.     Read more about 3_things_dancers_need
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