Just recently Tony Rausseo, owner of Hot Latin Salsa dance studio was pondering how he could reach beginning, intermediate, and advanced dancers not only from his studio during opening hours, but beyond. In addition, Tony was receiving a large number of inquiries from dancers new to Salsa dancing for online training that could be achieved in the privacy of their own home as well as general queries.

Tony took his of years of dance experience and put that valuable information on his recently launched website. The site offers online information on all types of dance style courses, instructional videos, contact information, as well as useful worldwide dance sites.

Rausseo says “There are numerous of schools offering lessons, but when the classes are over, and you suddenly have a question about your technique or need to send an inquiry, the instructors and office staff are long gone. We simply wanted a forum not only for our studio class members to gain more knowledge, but to give users new to Salsa dancing the ability to find everything they need in one spot-our www.HotLatinSalsa.com website.”

Not only does the website include in-studio course details, but class schedules, DVD downloads, video previews, and more.
Anyone looking for Salsa lessons, tutorials, and help with specific techniques will appreciate the online store training link that will help him or her enhance his or her Salsa dance skills. The digitally mastered DVDs contain numerous instructional dance moves, including choreography, style, and performance techniques designed to increase the skills of students at all levels. The DVDs are easy to download and can be conveniently purchased using PayPal.

“Now we are receiving lots of communication from Salsa dancers not only in Montreal, but all over the world. We never imagined we could reach so many people and are just happy to be able to spread expert Salsa instruction and techniques.”

Hot Latin Salsa Dance Studio Montreal Education Center’s goal is to offer all Salsa dance lovers the ability to choose exceptional group or private dance classes in their Montreal studio and/or DVD dance videos to enhance or accelerating dance skills.

simply call or write and make an appointment-before long you’ll be shaking your hips and learning some hot Salsa moves you never thought you could master. Hot Latin Salsa

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