Auditory Tutor Master Class

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Auditory Tutor Master Class.

You cannot dance to the rhythm if you cannot hear it. This ear training program will sharpen your ear.

Auditory Tutor Master Class, you will learn:

Listening to Salsa Music

  •  Music Ear Training By Tony Rausseo,
  • Clave Ear Training Music,
  • Bailar con Tony Rausseo – Salsa Music Ear Training,
  • Cha-cha- Ear-Training,
  • Ear-training salsa music practice song,
  • Sangre Ear Training.

Picking Up the First Beat

  • Bachata Ear-Training,
  • Congela El Gusto Ear Training Music,
  • Many fantastic dancers struggle to understand the rhythm of salsa.

Learn to Count the Music

  • Cha-cha-cha – Counted Ear Training with Tony Rausseo,
  •  Joe Arroyo Ear-Training,
  •  Temba Tumba Timba – Counted Music Ear training,
  • Abre Que Voy – Fast Tempo ear Training Music,
  • Pa goza con Fruko Ear Training Salsa Song.


  • No experience is necessary. The course is for the all levels.
  • You will need a headphone to listen and practice your music.


Auditory Tutor Master Class contains a list of songs. This is composed of Salsa, Bachata, Cha-cha-cha and Merengue.

These musical pieces are broken down, counted and charted to help you understand how latin music is structured. 

This ear training program will sharpen your ear. You will no longer listen to music the same way.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for dancer students who are looking to improve their Ear-training.
  • This Course is for everyone looking to improve musicality and creativity.


Take the examine. This is a short quiz with 10 questions about the Auditory Tutor Master Class.

Practice these steps as much as possible. Repeat them until you feel comfortable do them. 

(See material for the Auditory Tutor Master Class.)