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Summit Salsa Xtra Master Class – Flashy Intermediate Advanced On 1 & 2 Timing.

Are you ready for the Summit Salsa Xtra Master Class ?

Expect the unexpected on the dance floor. Take a professional approach to Salsa dancing.

Summit Salsa Xtra Master Class, you will learn:

Comb # 1.  Basic Steps => Close Position – CBL.
Comb # 2.  Back Break To Double Turn,
Comb # 3.  Man – Double Left Turn,
Comb # 4.  The Tornado Embrace,
Comb # 5.  The Back Handshake,
Comb # 6.  The Shadows,
Comb # 7.  Jazz Flare Sweet Hello,
Comb # 8.  Hand Flick – CBL Hammer Lock,
Comb # 9. Ellipse,
Comb # 10.  The Carter Rotation,
Comb # 11.  The Coaster Hammer Lock,
Comb # 12.  Reverse Coaster,
Comb # 13.  Romance Cuddle,
Comb # 14.  Two Ways – CBL,
Comb # 15.  Super CBL Lead,
Comb # 16.  Alternating Super Man,
Comb # 17.  Surprise Dip,
Comb # 18.  Coffee Grinder,
Comb # 19.  The Walk Over Move and
Comb # 20.  The Tang Cross Dip.


  • Masterclass three or four experience is necessary. The course is for the Intermediate student.
  • You will need space to practice your new dance moves
  • You will also need to recruit a friend to dance with.


Summit Salsa Xtra Master Class features a variety of hot salsa steps in a live choreography.

This Masterclass contains 20 combinations. These combinations are setup into an exciting routine in the 1 and the 2 styles. This Masterclass Online Course is suggested to the advanced salsa students. It is also is ideal for instructors. It makes life easier for class preparation. .

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for beginner dancers who are looking to speed up their learning curve.
  • This Course is for Intermediate to Advanced Social Dancers or Choreographers looking to improve musicality and creativity.
  • This course is probably not for you if you do not like to be challenged or looking for new moves.


Take the examine. This is a short quiz with 10 questions about the Summit Salsa Xtra Master Class.

Practice these steps as much as possible. Repeat them until you feel comfortable do them. 

(See material for the Summit Salsa Xtra Master Class.)