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Get In Touch With Hot Latin Salsa

“As a teacher of Contact Improvisation, she had observed that particular warm-up exercises and movement activities were helpful in bringing dancers to a state of body-mind preparedness for engaging in a Contact duet. The Underscore is a scored collection of those exercises and activities, complete with pictographs that represent each phase and subphase of its progression.”

Get in touch with Salsa Dancing

Salsa was the fourth innovation based on Cuban music to hit the US, and differed in that it was initially developed in the US, not in Cuba. Because Cuba has so many indigenous types of music there has always been a problem in marketing the ‘product’ abroad to people who did not understand the differences between rhythms that, to a Cuban, are quite distinct. So, twice in the 20th century, a kind of product label was developed to solve this problem. The first occasion was in the 1930s after “The Peanut Vendor” became an international success. It was called a ‘rumba’ even though it really had nothing to do with genuine rumba: the number was obviously a son pregon. The label ‘rumba’ was used outside Cuba for years as a catch-all for Cuban popular music.

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