Salsa Dance Class is our Salsa Bachata Story Montreal.

 Visit our Salsa Courses, Bachata dance lessons Montreal Rive Sud & Rive Nord.


Learn Hot Latin Salsa Dance Class.

 Visit our Salsa Courses, Bachata dance lessons Montreal Rive Sud & Rive Nord..

Hot Latin Salsa was founded by Dance Studio Director, Tony Rausseo. Tony migrated from the eastern region of Venezuela, studied in Europe. He has settled down here in Montreal to pass along his passion. Pass also his knowledge for Latin dancing to others. Tony spent many years formally training and competing before pursuing his true calling of teaching. Joining Tony are two extremely accomplished and talented women who are passionate about teaching others to love salsa as much as they do.
Sylvie Dupont brings her personal flair and exciting style to the dance studio. Combined with her knowledge of salsa, her passion for dancing makes her a vivid and valuable teacher. Christelle Langree has extensive formal training. She gives her exceptional talent as a teacher of salsa and other Latin dances. Christelle’s teaching ability makes her a favorite among dance students.
To check out what is new with Hot Latin Salsa, swing by the online gallery to stay current with local dance events. The Art Spectacle will give you unique insight to the vivacious world of Latin salsa dancing. Witness first-hand dance videos filled with passion and flair. And last but not least, Tony’s Blog will keep you informed on the world of Latin dancing in Montreal, as well as his latest adventures and new ideas to keep dance alive and fresh for you.

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Ultimate Detail of Hot Latin Salsa Dance Courses


ABCs Of Salsa

The ABC salsa fundamentals is your first step into a world of fun. Find ground rules and nitty-gritties of Latin Dances.


Level 1

The transition Salsa DVD for beginner and intermediate dance level Dancers – Cool steps Man and Lady styling – Made simple.


Level 2

 Feeling the excitement of Latin dances – Graceful and Beautiful Routine. DVD SALSA VOLUME 2 – Content. 21 easy-to-follow turn patterns.


Level 3

DVD SALSA VOLUME 3 – Content This volume contains a dynamic routine composed of seductive moves that will enhance all levels of salsa dancing.

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Paradise Salsa Practice Private

With its welcoming locals and trendy salsa music, Hot Latin Dance Practices is another great place to party on the a Sunday night. Head to Paradise Salsa Practice, located right on the Newman Boulevard at Montreal, Ville Lasalle. Here the partying starts early – from 2 pm ? and goes on till 7 pm. This awesomely beautiful studio is another favorite destination of the salsa dancer’s fashionable party-set, so expect to enjoy salsa dancer celebrity-spotting while you dance the night away. Lots of pretty faces and great Latin dancers, plus great meeting opportunities, mean you will never be bored while waiting for the fun to begin.


Salsa Dance Courses is our Salsa Bachata Story Montreal. Visit our Salsa Classes, Bachata dance lessons Montreal Rive Sud & Rive Nord.

Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening, we’re offering groups of 10 or more that book a dance class a complimentary dance lesson will be offered.

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