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Dance Lessons, Salsa Bachata, Classes Montreal Lasalle are affordable courses.

Dance Lessons, Salsa Bachata Classes Montreal

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Salsa Bachata Classes, Montreal Lasalle Hot Latin salsa courses for everyone.

Discovery Latin Dances

Hot Latin salsa courses in Montreal 

Located in the charismatic city of Montreal, Hot Latin Salsa Dance Courses Montreal, LaSalle Classes, Rive-Sud is home of an innovative team of Latin dance instructors. Our qualified master instructors  are committed to bringing out excellence in their students.

In the midst of Montreal, lies a gem of a dance studio dedicated to instructing students. People of all levels in Latin dancing, from beginners to advance.  Hot Latin Salsa provides a serene and comfortable atmosphere. Ambience, where students can focus on learning salsa moves. These moves could be tailored to fit the needs of individual students.  Salsa Bachata Classes Montreal Lasalle Group and private lessons are available. An educational breakthrough boogie concept has been developed. Such new concept created to help each student reach his or her full potential.  Focusing on details, such as: posture, style and step execution. These qualities made Hot Latin Salsa dance studio a leading contender in the Latin coaching dancing, Salsa Bachata Classes Montreal Lasalle.

Dance Lessons Salsa Bachata Classes Montreal Lasalle

Dance Lessons

The Perfect Dance Courses

Fun and Easy Dance Lessons

Based in Montreal, Hot Latin Salsa has created a breakthrough educational concept that has helped countless people: Both locally and worldwide. By offering:
  • Superior and precise boogie courses and
  • Dancing for fitness classes on-line.
Tony Rausseo has made it possible for anyone to overcome the fear of learning. Hence embracing dancing as a mean of:
  1. Enjoyment,
  2. Exercise and
  3. Socializing.

New students, now, have the opportunity to download professionally-produced DVD collections. This valuable collection is one of a kind reference for:

  • Beginners and
  • Intermediate dancers.

Now, everyone has the prospect of learning on-line. Consequently, studying one-on-one bases with the careful guidance of a passionate dance instructor.

In conclusion, the main object of the Perfect Dance Courses is learning how to move in unison with the rhythm of the:

  • Salsa,
  • Merengue,
  • Bachata,  
  • Cha-cha-cha,
  • Mambo,
  • Cumbia,
  • Hustle and
  • Dance fitness.

The above dance courses will help the learners develop physical aptitude and self-confidence at all level.

In addition, the above mentioned types of dances are the main components for dance fitness. The best way to prepare body and mind for dancing.


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