Dual Salsa Special

Dual Salsa Special

Dual Salsa Special

This Package Deal will teach you how to dance Salsa step-by-step. During this course, a variety of hot Salsa steps will be featured. All this composed in a live choreography. Lessons are taught in English, French and Spanish. It is a valuable guide in your Salsa dancing quest.

The Dual Salsa Special offers the opportunity to learn to dance Salsa in 8 weeks.    –   8 Weeks of Fun Salsa classes

Do you forget what have learned in class the minute you leave the dance studio?

This program offers you the chance to remember everything you have learned in the dance class.

You will play the DVD every time you need to practice the dance steps. This way will retain all the steps and artistic figures taught during the course. This is the best and most effective method to learn how to dance faster and easier.

This DVD teaches you the basics and the set the foundations to make you a good dancer. Instructions are given step-by-step.

It begins with the most basic salsa steps. This DVD is ideal for those who want to step gently into the salsa world. A world of fun and togetherness.
Lessons are taught in English.                 

Here is the dance package content.

Basic Steps

  1. Mambo front and back
  2. Side to side step
  3. Back back step

Basic Turns

  1. Right Turn
  2. Left Turn
  3. Half a left
  4. Half a right

CBL (Cross Body Lead)

  1. Man CBL
  2. Lady CBL

Leading and Following

Here you will learn to lead and follow.

1 – Combinations and Turns – (Left, Right, Half a left, half    a right turns)
2 – Hand switches – Leading and following
3 – Cools Salsa Steps – Man and Lady styling – Detail techniques and execution.
4 – Turn Patterns – Most popular figures on the dance floors of the Salsa Night Clubs.


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Dual Salsa Special


Learn Salsa with a DVD


All  steps mentioned above are digitally recorded on a DVD.

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Dual Salsa Special


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