Happy Holidays from Hot Latin Salsa!

My best wishes for the New Year This is the most pleasant time of the year since it is one that allows us to wish you and your love ones, a thousand and one delights. For all of you, excellent health: for everyone, many joys for you salsa dancers, we wish you the accomplishments of your fondest dreams. We also hope your continual success throughout the New Year.

 Happy Holidays from Hot Latin Salsa!

Here at Hot Latin Salsa, the entire staff would like to thank each and every one of you for support and for:

  1. visiting our dance classes,
  2. viewing our website,
  3. writing in to ask questions, and
  4. downloading our dance DVDs.  LOL!!!!

We want to extend our warmest Christmas wishes to each of you. We pray that this upcoming New Year will bring you good health, wonderful memories, and new opportunities to dance. We highly value our readers and our students. We look forward to sharing more dance lessons, stories, and articles with you as the New Year arrives. We are excited about continuing on to help students transform their dreams of dancing into a reality! We hope you continue to drop in to view our website and to inquire about new classes during the New Year.  Every year brings something new and remarkable. We want to share these things with you! From our family to yours, we wish you a truly merry Christmas and safe paths as you travel to visit family and friends over the holidays.   When you are ready to work off those delicious foods you consumed at holiday dinner parties, send us an email or download our dance videos for a fun and invigorating dance workout!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Hot Latin Salsa!

Our HLS Great Team

Rocco, Dido, Adrian, Sylvie and Tony

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