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Who is Hot Latin Salsa? We are Latin Dance Instructors, Performers and Choreographers.

Hot Latin Salsa is a synonymy of  “Fun Learning”.Hot Latin Salsa

What do you know about Hot Latin Salsa?

Well, It is rampant like wildfire, spreading over the globe, bringing people a new perspective on:

  1. Dancing,
  2. Fitness, and
  3. Entertainment.

Latin dancing has become the premier choice of dance fitness and dance enjoyment for people around the world.

With the non-stop, steady, upbeat tempo of these unique and feisty dance movements. Latin dancing is getting people out of their chairs and on their feet. Who knew exercise could be so much fun?

Beginners need not be intimidated in the process of learning the variety of Latin dances. This Dance studio offers a helpful and affordable array of options for people of all dance levels, from beginners to intermediate to advance.

Check out our website today and explore the various routes to uncovering the Latin vibe within you. This sexy and vibrant form of dance will keep your body moving long into the night.  The faster you begin to learn the intricate and sassy techniques of the Latin dance world, the quicker you will enjoy the benefits.

This helpful and user-friendly site offers tailor-made programs to fit the needs of:

  • Singles,
  • Couples,
  • Groups, and more.

Online dance videos, tutorials, and visual aids are available; along with private instruction by certified professional dance instructors with years of experience.

Learning DVDs and videos offer a comprehensive look into the Latin dance style, unfolding step by step, the movements with many forms of dance.

Hot Latin Salsa offers people many different styles of dance to learn including salsa, mambo, cha-cha, merengue, and the bachata.

Ecole Hot Latin Salsa was founded the 22 of August 2000 by Tony Rausseo, in the hope of, spreading the:

  1. Salsa dancing and
  2. Latin music

into the soul of people around the globe. He figures that it would be a fair contribution to his culture and origins.

Would you like to know more about Hot Latin Salsa?

It is a life style.  It is been adopted by millions of salsa dancers all over the planet.

Read a complete article on Hot Latin Salsa Dance Studio, that is to say About Us.

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