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Hot Latin Salsa Team is offering three Salsa Classes at CACTUS 4461 St-Denis Montreal,
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Our unique lessons and Classes on DVD and Videos  contain  the most comprehensive courses of SALSA, MERENGUE, BACHATA & CHA-CHA and DANCE FITNESS.
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Instructional Salsa Dancing - Learn to dance Salsa on 1 - LA Style. With Tony and Christelle. 
FREE - Learn to dance Salsa on 2 - Mambo Basics New York Style From Hot Latin Salsa
The Exquisite Salsa Blend Styles - Intermediate Salsa Level 4
Download more advanced turn patterns.
Download other advanced Salsa moves.
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Learning at home has been a preferred method for many dance students as they begin to explore new styles of dance. The comfort and ease of learning to dance at home takes the focus off of nervousness and allows the dance student to concentrate on learning and enjoying the dance instruction. Simplified instructional dance DVDs are made available to give new students the flexibility and comfort from learning right in their home as they follow along with the dance tutorials. People have come to embrace Latin dancing as a motivating way to get exercise, toning and shaping all areas of their body, with an emphasis on the belly, buttocks, arms, and legs. Watch your new body develop, slim down, and strengthen once you begin your new dance lessons provided by Hot Latin Salsa. In a matter of weeks, with brief daily workouts to these rhythmic and hip-swaying dances, you will feel the pounds melting off and will be ready for a new wardrobe thanks to your new dance workouts.

Whether you wish to learn to dance competitively, for fun at nightclubs or dance parties, or for fitness, Hot Latin Salsa School opens up the door of opportunity for people of all ages to pursue their interest in dancing, making the lessons easily accessible and affordable. With the wide range of options from one-on-one personal coaching to using video courses from home, Hot Latin Studio Montreal has provided an avenue to meet each person’s unique needs.

Uncover the elements of dance by browsing through an assorted selection of dance topics offered ranging from different forms of movement, attire, dance etiquette and commonly asked questions. You’ll find yourself embracing this exciting and vivid form of dance as you begin to learn to move with the best of them. A unique and flamboyant art, Montreal Latin dance School has taken the world by the horns, toning people up and giving them an enjoyable form of movement and entertainment.

Why choosing our dance studio?

Because, We prepare your body and mind for dancing. The Hot Latin Salsa Dance Studio  offers group-private Dance Classes, a complete Salsa education, lessons of different dance styles, DVD-Videos Instructional.

We concentrate our effort on teaching private Dance Classes, Salsa lessons. We propose instructional DVD dance Videos as  complimentary means to accelerating your learning. NO TIME WASTED.

As you browse through the HOT LATIN SALSA  web-site, you will discover the hottest on-line store and Salsa training center in the Montreal region.  Salsa-dance-school related topics that will enhance your dancing style and performance.  Among our products and services, we offer the most unique and comprehensive SALSA lessons and visual aids.   This Salsa site features instructional Salsa DVD and Videos as an effective learning tool for fast and easy results.

Our dynamic team of qualified dance professionals invite you to a warm festive ambiance of fun and excitement, where you will be taught everything you need to know about Latin dancing and participate in many Latin dance activities

Hot Latin Salsa offers also Dance Fitness, semi-private and group courses adapted to your needs and to your dance level.   Our unique lessons and classes, available on DVD and Video, contain the most complete collection of SALSA, MERENGUE, BACHATA & CHA-CHA and DANCE FITNESS. 

Our philosophy is to share with the world our passion for the Latin dances.  We convey this form of art with respect, love and joy

Our ultimate goal is to have fun, gain poise, confidence, improve personality and make new friends.  We make everyone aware that dancing is a great way to keep in shape while having fun.

We teach diverse styles at different levels.
L.A. On 1
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Puerto Rican, Cuban and
Montreal Salsa
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