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The ABCs of Salsa Dancing Online Course is the first step to Salsa Dancing. It is naturally, the first course of a series of ten of Salsa dancing.

The ABCs of Salsa Dancing Online Course is the foundation.

This online course teaches you the basics of salsa dancing.

Salsa Dancing online course  Step by Step


Course Curriculum

Let's Get Start
ABCs Introduction Details FREE 00:02:30
The Abcs of Salsa is the first step to Salsa Dancing. It is naturally, the first course of a series of ten Salsa courses.
How to Study The ABCs Of Salsa Details FREE 00:00:30
How to Study The ABCs Of Salsa Watch each lecture from beginning to end. Takes Notes.
Getting familiar with the rhythm Details 00:00:30
Getting familiar with the rhythm by: Clapping, Stomping with the feet and Dancing on the spot.
Basic Steps
Mambo Basics Details 00:00:43
Side To Side Details 00:00:40
The Side To Side Step.
Back Step Details 00:00:36
Move one foot at time to the Back. Beginning on the 1 using the left foot.
Cross Over Details 00:02:34
The Crossover Step
Man’s Right Turn Details 00:00:42
Left Turn Details 00:01:15
Left Turn - The left turn is performed in eight counts.
Half A Left Turn Details 00:01:34
Half A Left Turn
Half A Right Turn Details 00:01:32
Half a Right Turn
Half Left – 1/2Right Turn – Dancing with Partner Details 00:01:32
Half Left & 1/2 Right Turn - Dancing with Partner
Cross Body Lead (CBL)
Man’s Cross Body Lead Details 00:02:18
Cross Body Lead Turn Details 00:01:14
Lady's Cross Body Lead Turn
Practice What You've Learned
Practice Basic Steps Details 00:01:16
Practice Basic Steps
Practice what you’ve learned Details 00:01:59
Practice what you have learned. The ABCs of Salsa
ABCs Of Salsa Assignment 10, 00:00
Music To Practice
Ear-training salsa music practice song Details FREE 00:11:00
It is true. There are so many fantastic dancers out there who struggle for months to be able to understand the rhythm of salsa music.
End of ABCs of Salsa Course
Conclusion Details 00:01:20
In this course, you learned the Conclusion.
ABCs Of Salsa Dancing Quiz 00:10:00

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  1. It is the beginning. It got to be taken!!

  2. The ABCs of Salsa dancing is nicely structured. Hence it is easy to follow and understand.

  3. So good so far

  4. It was a great course. It was a lot of fun. I highly recommend it.

  5. I love it. Easy to follow. If can learn anybody could learn!


    I love it. It was easy to follow. Honestly, If I can learn, anybody could learn! Fantastic program


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