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Auditory Tutor Master Class – Practice guide.

It is clearly evident that a void is being filled by the techniques used on this master class
ear training practice.

Auditory tutor Master Class ear-training salsa music rhythm

Ear Training Master Class is the first step into the next sound world.

The Auditory Tutor is a practice guide for all students wanting to dance in time with the music.

It is clear that a void is being filled by the techniques used on this master class.

Auditory Tutor Class has helped many fantastic dancers who had to struggle for months to get their rhythm right.

They are now dancing every song while staying in beat with the music, Thanks to the Auditory Tutor Master Class.

Course Curriculum

Listening to Salsa Music
Ear-training salsa music practice song Details FREE 00:11:00
It is true. There are so many fantastic dancers out there who struggle for months to be able to understand the rhythm of salsa music.
Picking Up the First Beat
Learn to Count the Music

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