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Bachata Beginner Course with Tony Rausseo and professional dancers from the Television  Cuban ballet at Havana.

Youri is a graduated of Havana Art university as modern dancer.  She has devoted her life to dancing. She is also part of the Television Ballet where is been part of for 7 years. Youri loves dancing more than anything else on earth. She is so dynamic and elegant. Her body moves with vigour and power; Yet so sensually and gracefully. Learn to Dance Bachata. You will not want to stop ever. This is a warning from me.,  Youri.

Lorna has been dancing as a professional for 12 years. Since childhood, she’s been devoted to dancing. She is a graduated from Havana university as modern dancer. Grace and beauty is what you see when she moves. Highly trained professional dancer gives 8 hours daily to the Havana Television Ballet where is been part of for 6 years.   As a nice smile lightens her face she says �I am very happy to dance this sensual Bachata dance with you Tony and that we both contribute to inspire people to learn to dance this corporeal Dance.”

More detail on the Sensual Bachata Masterclass at the Hot Latin Salsa Site.
Choreography and Breakdown  $19.99
Both Courses  $29.99
Sensual Bachata Beginner/Inter &
Sensual Bachata Intermediate/Adv.

Sensual Bachata for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced
Choreography and Breakdown  $19.99


Body sensual bachata dance classes
beautiful sensual dance courses
Sensual Bachata Moves Masterclass.

Course Curriculum

Basic Bachata Turn
Basic Bachata Steps

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