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Salsa Fiesta Dance Tutorial

Course Curriculum

How to Study Salsa Fiesta Tutorial Details FREE 00:00:00
How to Study Salsa Fiesta Tutorial
Salsa Fiesta Full Choreography Details 00:01:30
Salsa Fiesta Full Choreography
Salsa Fiesta Choreo 1 Details 00:00:26
Salsa Fiesta Choreography Part 1
Salsa Fiesta Part2 Details 00:00:32
Salsa Fiesta Choreography Part2
Salsa Fiesta choreo Part3 Details 00:00:46
Salsa Fiesta Choreography Part3
Salsa Fiesta Breakdown Part 1 Details 00:03:23
Salsa Fiesta Breakdown Part 1
Salsa Fiesta Breakdown Part2 Details 00:04:51
Salsa Fiesta Breakdown Part2
Salsa Fiesta Breakdown Part3 Details 04:58:00
Practice Session
Salsa Fiesta Practice Session Details 00:06:22
Salsa Fiesta Practice Session
Music to Practice
Salsa Music Ear Training By Tony Rausseo Details 00:10:00
Salsa Music Ear Training By Tony Rausseo
Ear-training salsa music practice song Details FREE 00:11:00
It is true. There are so many fantastic dancers out there who struggle for months to be able to understand the rhythm of salsa music.

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  1. 5

    Wow ! Demanding course! But It can be easily done by following the instructions steps by step.


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