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ABC salsa fundamentals 

Your First Step in a world of fun ground rules and nitty-gritties.

Congratulations you have stepped into the ABCs of Salsa Dancing.

In the ABCs of Salsa, you will learn:

    • The Rhythm of Salsa
    • The Posture of Salsa dancing
    • Mambo
    • Side to Side
    • Back Step
    • Crossover
    • Half Left Turn
    • Half Right Turn
    • Left Turn
    • Right Turn
    • Cross Body Lead
    • Cross Body Lead Turn 


  • No experience is necessary. The course is for the absolute beginner.
  • You will need space to practice your new dance moves
  • You will also need to recruit a friend to dance with.


In the ABCs of Salsa Dancing Masterclass, we will show you the basics techniques of salsa including the basic steps, The Rhythm of Salsa, The Posture of Salsa dancing, Mambo, Side to Side, Back Step, Crossover, Half Left Turn, Half Right Turn, Left Turn, Right Turn, Cross Body Lead, Cross Body Lead Turn and more. In addition, we will also give you practice drills so you can rehearse your steps effectively and get better faster.  Lastly, we’ll warn you about the most common mistakes made by students while learning to dance. So that you can avoid them.  By the end of  ABCs Salsa Masterclass you will have a short routine with a variety of turns and figures that will have you looking your best on the dance floor.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is interested in salsa music and Latin dance.
  • Anyone who is interested in being part of a vibrant dance community.


Take the examine. This is a short quiz with 10 questions about the ABCS of Salsa Masterclass.

Practice these steps as much as possible. Repeat them until you feel comfortable do them. 

(See material for the ABCs Salsa Masterclass)


The ABCs of Salsa Dancing Online Course is the foundation. This online course teaches you the basics of salsa dancing.

Salsa Dancing online course  Step by Step

ABCs of Salsa Assignment