Level One Salsa Masterclass

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Level One Salsa Masterclass.

Level One Salsa instructional Online is a transition Salsa Course Made Simple. It features a variety of hot Salsa steps.

In this Masterclass, you will learn:

Woman Right Turn, The Man And Lady Right Turn, Woman Man And Man CBL Turn, The Alternating Right Turn, Woman Hair Combination CBL, Slide Tango, Rotating CBL, CBL Shoulder Block and Hand Switches, The Reject Woman Right Turn,Shoulder Double Check and more.


  • The ABCs Of Salsa is required. The course is for the beginner.
  • You will need space to practice your new dance moves
  • You will also need to recruit a friend to dance with.


Level One Salsa Masterclass teaches you how to dance Salsa step-by-step. It features a variety of hot Salsa steps in a live choreography. Lessons are taught in English.

This valuable salsa dance guide will also feature:

1 – COMBINATIONS and TURNS (Left, Right, Half a left, half    a right turns)
2 – HAND SWITCHES – Leading and following
3 – COOL SALSA STEPS – Man and Lady   Styling – Detail techniques and execution.
4 – TURN PATTERNS – Most popular figures on the dance floors of the Salsa Night Clubs.

Who this Level One Salsa Masterclass is for:

  • Anyone who is interested in salsa music and Latin dance.
  • Anyone who is interested in being part of a vibrant dance community.


Take the examine. This is a short quiz with 10 questions about the Level One Salsa Masterclass.

Practice these steps as much as possible. Repeat them until you feel comfortable do them. 

(See material for the Level One Salsa Masterclass)