Salsa Max Masterclass

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Salsa Max Masterclass.

The professional approach to salsa dancing Choreography – Creation – Salsa Max Online instructional Dance Course Updated.

Salsa Max Masterclass, you will learn:

1. Cool CBL Man double turn,

2. Super Combo – Copa Double Turn + reverse 2 turns – Back Copa + ending in a Cuddle,

3. The Zipper turns – Woman ends with right hand at the back,

4. Reverse 2 hand-hold ending in a double turn,

5. Man Double right turn switching hand to a right to right hold,

6. The neck triple turn hold,

7. CBL Pretzel triple turn,

8. Reverse turn,

9. The fan – Woman 2 turn block – Man & woman tango cross step forward and backward + handhold 2 turn,

10. Copa Neck Turn to a CBL-COPA + CBL Tango step + turn,

11. Flashy combination – Belly touch twice + 3 turns + arm dip + jump + open break to turn dip.,

12. 2 turn Copa + lady’s styling + man turn ( Copa to joint the rest),

13. 360-deg. to revolving door + solo CBL + man & woman cross pass each other.,

14. Fancy Jump front double cross.,

15. The Coil (Tony New Step) -> Begins with a neck-comb and a CBL 2hand-hold + Copa cuddle reverse turn + curl.,

16. Samba Coaster Cuddle.,

17. Coca Cola 2-turn-combination.,

19. Straight Jacket,

19. CBL + Man and lady turn around each other. Tango Footwork (…………………………………………….),

20. CBL Turn to crucifixion + curling and cuddle – end in a tango pose.,

21. CBL Copa Cuddle and

22. Ending – Death Drop.


  • Masterclass three or four experience is necessary. The course is for the Intermediate student.
  • You will need space to practice your new dance moves
  • You will also need to recruit a friend to dance with.


Salsa Max Masterclass contains intermediate and advanced moves. It is a demanding and challenging Salsa Level.

It is composed of 22 Turn-Patterns elegantly crafted into crowed pleasing choreography. 

Creation – Salsa Max Online instructional Dance Course Updated.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for beginner dancers who are looking to speed up their learning curve.
  • This Course is for Intermediate to Advanced Social Dancers or Choreographers looking to improve musicality and creativity.
  • This course is probably not for you if you do not like to be challenged or looking for new moves.


Take the examine. This is a short quiz with 10 questions about the Summit Salsa Xtra Master Class.

Practice these steps as much as possible. Repeat them until you feel comfortable do them. 

(See material for the Salsa Max Masterclass.)