Music Dance School Montreal

The Music Dance School Montreal is an ear-training program developed  by Hot Latin Salsa Dance Studio!

Sound and Movement go hand in hand. These two disciplines are closely related. In other words, without music there is no dance. Therefore, in order to be a good dancer, it is imperative to know some music basics.

Music Dance School Montreal
Ear-training program given at Music Dance School Montreal

Music Dance School Montreal offers now music workshops for dancers. 

It is a short program that introduces the basic of music to beginner dancers. This workshop will help the student:

  1. dance in time with the music,
  2. Recognize the rhythm,
  3. type of music, (Difference between Salsa, Merengue, Cha-cha, Bachata, and others)
  4. Identify musical instruments on a song,
  5. The two types of claves (the 2-3 clave and the 3-2 clave)

These workshops are part of the Hot Latin Salsa curriculum. The idea that drives this program is that without music there is no dancing.

Music Dance School Montreal is a breakthrough educational concept for dancers.

Since we initiated this program, our dance students had become better dancers. This is a fact.

We are quite proud to offer this small contribution to the salsa world. We welcome everyone to try this music workshop.

You will not hear the music the same way again. Nor dance it the same way either. It is a promise!


Music Dance School Montreal Our Music Program encompasses:

1. Piano lessons for Latin Syllabus
2. Congas
3. Cuatro  – Latino American Musical instrument composed of four strings
4. Guitar
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This program is a must to put your salsa dancing to the next level. It contains the essence of Latin dancing in a workshop class. It was created by a non musician for non musicians. It is explain in plain English/French/Spanish.

This ear-training program will equip those who take it with the basic music skill to dance to dance:

  • Salsa,
  • Merengue,
  • Bachata and
  • Cha-cha-cha.

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