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New Year Resolution by: Tony Rausseo

Looking Your Best for New Year’s

Meeting New Year’s Resolution Goals

Every year people make New Year’s resolutions to
become more active and to lose weight.  The majority
of these resolutions do not have a successful result due to
people becoming burnt-out and tired of boring exercise

There is an exciting and affordable way to look great on New
Year’s night this year, as well as to meet your upcoming
resolution goals for 2011.  Read on to find out how to achieve
both goals!

Salsa Dance Classes Inspire
People to Get Moving for New

This New Year’s you no longer need to stress out that you will
be the person who is not dancing and having fun at the party. 
People who are not experienced dancers often allow nerves
and lack of confidence to intimidate them and they never make
it out on the dance floor during the New Year’s Eve party or
night out on the town.  This is a common anxiety suffered by
adults in both the older and younger generations. 
HOTLATINSALSA offers dance classes which can get you
familiar and comfortable with salsa dancing just in time for New

By taking private salsa dance classes with
HOTLATINSALSA, you’ll find yourself quickly learning the
movements of this exotic dance.  Qualified, professional
dance instructors can teach you or you and a partner the
steps, turns, and kicks which will have you moving fluidly
and with assurance on the dance floor at your New Year’s
party.  If you find that the holidays are approaching quickly
and you have no time to sign up for private dance
lessons, dance classes are available to download so you
can learn from the comfort and convenience of your own
home.  HOTLATINSALSA makes it easy for you to learn
salsa in time for New Year’s by providing a variety of
learning options. 
Not only will you feel more confident on the dance floor on
New Year’s and will surprise your friends with your new
moves, you will be able to continue your salsa classes and
learning to meet your New Year’s resolution goals.  If your
resolution goals are fitness and weight loss, taking salsa
classes will give you non-stop cardio workouts as well as
muscle-toning which will firm and shape your body.  Salsa
classes will provide entertainment, coordination, and
movement which will keep you motivated to continue your
lessons and work to achieving your New Year’s resolutions.

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About the Author
Tony Rausseo is an Instructor, a performer, a choreographer and an expert author of Hot Latin Salsa Dance Studio.
All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2011 (Monday, November 28, 2011) Hot Latin Salsa. Salsa Dance Classes Inspire People to become more 
active, to lose weight and to Look their Best for New Year’s. salsa DVD courses are also helping dance tools

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