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Copyright 2003-2010 - Hot Latin Salsa Dance Studio, Thoughtless and tactless dancers, out there, will eat you alive on the dance floor think about Private lessons and Group instructions Vs Drop-in-Classes Montreal, Ville-LaSalle, Verdun,Cote-St-Paul
In these large of classes, there is not particular attention to the students. People learn at a different rate so the instructor must give the instructions as a whole and every one follows.
An individual in a group will take from 2 to 3 sessions (24 lessons) to dance comfortably an average of $400.00.
The same person will achieve a similar level of dance in about 4 or 5 lessons in private session. Obviously one will learn how to dance much more rapidly.
These types of classes are strongly recommended to beginners who need a strong foundation. In fact, this period is crucial for a student. At this point in time, the proper technique is so important. That is what will build a good and lasting foundation.

Picture this. A student must have taken 24 lessons already in a group class; but because he has learned some poor techniques during those courses he has now to correct those bad habits and practically learn the steps once again. This could be costly. Couldn't it?
If you do not how to do your basic steps, your right or your left turn properly, in other words, you are not prepared yet to hit the night clubs those other thoughtless and tactless dancers, out there, will eat you alive on the dance floor. You will not have fun. Learn for FREE,
ABCs of salsa dancing FUNDAMENTALS - your basics before jumping on the salsa floor.

Private lessons and group Instructions

Verses and drop in Classes
Experience has also shown that the best way to learn is to have all students start together. Drop in classes are frustrating for both the student who starts later and needs to catch up and the original students who feel their time is being consumed on repeating previous and already given material.

On the other hand, private lessons are ideal for those have busy schedules and cannot be there at a specific time.
These courses are much flexible. However, these lessons are more expensive in appearance. It becomes nearly the same price, at the end, when it is compared to a group class. Group classes are cheaper and are fine for those who are not in a hurry to learn the particular dance they are interested in; and also for those who want be in great numbers. Depending upon the room, there could be up to fifty people.
In group classes, chances are that one could find a potential dance partner.
Here is a FREE private Salsa lesson video instructional. It could be taking in group as well.

The ABCs of salsa dancing FUNDAMENTALS Basics Salsa Steps and turns
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In group classes, I found a dance partner.
Now, I take private lessons with him. It costs me less and I learn quicker and more. Said Nadia, after a private Latin class.
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We prepare your body and mind for dancing.
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Versus Drop-in-Classes Montreal, Ville-LaSalle, Verdun, Cote-St-Paul

FREE private Salsa lesson video instructional