Private Salsa Dance Lesson Lasalsa Brossard Montreal Rive Sud.  Private course quickly teacher how to dance Salsa, Mambo, Merengue, Bachata, Cha-cha-cha.

Private Salsa Dance Lesson Lasalsa Brossard Montreal Rive Sud

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Private Salsa Dance Lesson Lasalsa Brossard Montreal Rive Sud – private course quickly teacher how to dance Salsa, Mambo, Merengue, Bachata, Cha-cha-cha

Personal Instruction and Dance Education

Learn to dance Salsa, Merengue Bachata with Styling.


Date : 15 August 2019
Time : 08:00 am - 17:00pm
Cost : $100

Private Salsa Lessons Montreal | Private Dance Courses Personal Instruction | Education Verdun Montreal Quebec Canada

A private lesson will quickly teacher you how to dance la Salsa,
el Mambo, the Merengue, La Bachata, El Cha-cha-cha, La Lambada and La Cumbia.
Our teachers use a unique technique developed by Tony Rausseo.
This teaching technique will help you achieve your full potential in a very short time.
This method of instruction has helped thousands of students in Laval, Brossard, Verdun, Ville-LaSalle and Montreal Quebec Canada many others Canadian provinces and around the world. This is also via Salsa Masterclass and instructional videos.

If you have already tried different ways to improve your Salsa dancing and you have not gotten too far or nowhere at all, try a Private Salsa Dance Lesson Lasalsa Brossard Montreal Rive Sud – It is personal and confidential. This unique METHOD will literally catapult you into a higher level of dancing. This is a level of a kind that perhaps, you would not have even imagined in your wildest dreams yet.

First of all, before beginning your private lesson, we will find out why you got there in the first place.
A Free evaluation will help us determine your weakness and your fears. What is it, that is stopping you from being that great salsa dancer you have always wanted to be? What is paralyzing and depriving you from enjoying one of the most agreeable and gratifying activities such as dancing.
Tony Rausseo says:

During Private Salsa Dance Lesson Lasalsa Brossard Montreal Rive Sud or workshops that everyone can dance as his (her) own pace and at his (her) own rhythm. This is providing that he or she had the right coaching and instructions and the proper dance tools. Tony goes, on further, saying in his Salsa Personal Classes. – It is not what and how much is taught; it is rather how is taught.

If, on the contrary, you have never tried a dance lesson or ever danced before, a private lesson will be a good start. In fact, a single private lesson will be enough to give you enough courage to take the Salsa night Club by storm one night on your own. It has been done before. Read the article I like my Salsa hot.

A Private Salsa Dance Lesson Lasalsa Brossard Montreal Rive Sud means a one-to-one contact with Latin instructor. It is a direct interaction with a Salsa teacher or your Salsa instructor as you might call him or her.

Private Salsa Dance Lesson Lasalsa Brossard Montreal Rive Sud

HOW A PRIVATE LESSON will help you:

1. Set Goals. Goal setting is crucial to an accomplishment. It is a road map for success. It consists of nice simple essentials that you will incorporate into your daily life. One of these elements could be just a simple routine, in a form of ceremony which you can follow during your day-to-day activities. Having fun with it as a result. Things Like: the sway walks, the slightly bent knee typical of dancers. This can be done while walking around the house or even strolling around the park, for example. By the way, this is same sway walk that you will use while dancing. The sway Salsa walk umm hums…

2. Get aware of your body. Body awareness is so important. What to do and what to avoid prior to or whereas dancing. Types of physical exercises your body may need to gain flexibility, vitality, energy and control on the dance floor. Be a vibrant dancer. While you are dancing alone or while you are dancing with a partner. Lead, follow properly.

3. Determine your weakness and your fears as well as your attribute and talent and find ways to improve those areas to dance effectively.

4. Focus on the type of dance you want to learn or improve on whether Salsa, Merengue, Bachata and Cha-cha-cha (Differences between these types of dance, rhythm and style.)

5. Concentrate upon practicing dancing in time with the music. Ear training is a must for dancer. If you cannot hear the music, you simply cannot dance. (Basically, the instructor will provide you with the necessary knowledge of the music, the type of rhythm and the musical attitudes you may need for the particular dances you have decided to learn).

6. Develop a good method and a good work plan (This plan is make of a series of physical exercises and ear training techniques that will smooth the progress of becoming a good dancer. This plan must be follow literally to the word for it is the key to victory)

7. Put into practice the knowledge acquired in order to succeed.

Try a private lesson. You will be presently surprised at the results.


The results could be simply put into 7 short statements.

1. Faster, easily and more efficiently learning
2. An enjoyable learning dancing experience.
3. Boosting energy level
4. Increase mental level of concentration and awareness
5. Enhance personal magnetism and sex-appeal.
6. Improve the relationship with your partner – your personal life
7. Dance, undoubtedly, much better

If, by any chance, you cannot take a private lesson or profit from a dancing experience Tony Rausseo, while in Montreal, due to the distance, lack of time or whatever the reason may be,
your second best choice will be a Salsa DVD in the form of an instructional Video. Good Salsa dance instructions. It is like having Tony in your living room coaching you the same way he gives instruction during Salsa class in Montreal and Salsa workshop around Canada,

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