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salsa dancers use ear training
Train Your Ear to Music with the Auditory Tutor, So You Can Dance
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Train Your Ear to Music with the Auditory Tutor, So You Can Dance
You've always wanted to get into dancing, but it's easier said than done. You know you can follow along with some songs in some situations, but Salsa, Flamenco and Tango are the sort of things you only dream about in your wildest fantasies. Your problem is not uncommon, and as a result, there are a wide range of supposedly "fail-proof" options that will make you into the star of the ball. Separating the excellent from the mediocre doesn't take much, just some common sense.

No Music No Dance ...
If you can't hear the music you're dancing to, you cannot dance. This is an essential rule that demonstrates the exact timing involved in enjoyable dancing, even in less formal settings. Professional dancers who perform for long periods of time must maintain a continuous pace even when the song switches things up, so they strive to learn to recognize the tempo of any piece of music, even one they've never heard before.

If you've ever just heard the music and made your way to the club from more than a few blocks away before, you've got good enough hearing to single out the key parts that set the exact timing for dancing. While you can learn to recognize many elements of a song, including voices and instruments, by listening to many hours of Latin music, there's nothing wrong with a more structured approach to ear training, including a few handy exercises. Some of them even work better with Latin music, and fast paced jazz, but for these beginning tips, definitely start off with simple pieces. Salsa dancers use ear training    Read more about train ear to music can dance on our website.
Train Your Ear Music with the Auditory Tutor
This ear training programme, includs a few handy exercises.
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Auditory Tutor, Ear Training programme

This ear training programme includs a few handy exercises

Train Your Ear Music with the Auditory Tutor